Mnangagwa Officially Opens ICT lab In Somabhula

Zimbabwe President, Dr Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa officially opened a school laboratory in Somabhula.
Addressing thousands of delegates yesterday during the launch of the National ICT Policies, the Head of state and government and commander in chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces donated 250 computers for 20 districts in Midlands Province.

President Mnangagwa said this will bridge the technological digital divide and give equal opportunities to students in the rural and urban areas in essence promoting digital know-how and the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

‘’It will help promote digital know- how, innovation, the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning while also strengthening our country’s cyber-security measures,’’ said the Head of State.

President Mnangagwa is walking the talk fully committed to his “vision 2030” of, “a middle income economy living no one and no place behind,”

Mnangagwa identified ICT infrastructure development as key in the attainment of a digitalized Zimbabwe.

In his further remarks, the President urged the public to use technology beyond social media,

‘’We must use the infrastructure that my Government is putting in place to improve service delivery in healthcare, education and agriculture among other aspects.”

Dr Mnangagwa added his desire for school children to be knowledgeable about computers so that they digitalize Zimbabwe.

‘’Our determination is to close the digital gap and guarantee universal access to reliable and high speed internet connectivity,’’ said a jubilant and determined President Mnangagwa.

Ross Moyo

Mnangagwa Accelerates National Digitalization Drive

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