Ghana’s Eiko Health Launches Uber Like App For Healthcare

Ghanaian e-health startup Eiko Health has launched Kenko Doctor, a new platform that allows users to book appointments with doctors via a mobile app. The app has initially launched on IOS but the company says that Android and USSD options will be available by early 2018, according to Disrupt Africa.

The platform is essentially an open marketplace where patients can search for and book appointments with doctors. Once a doctor accepts the booking, payment is made and consultation occurs. One of the revolutionary features of the app is that the doctor can also use the platform to update a patient’s medical records, getting rid of those massive medical files and easing the digital transformation for doctors.

Samuel Dogbatse, founder and chief executive officer of Eiko Health, speaking to Disrupt Africa said that hospitals and clinics have suffered with long queues, long waiting times and fragmented medical records.

“Kenko Doctor is the Uber and Airbnb of healthcare, an open marketplace with instant access to your medical records,” he said.

The startup makes its money by charging healthcare facilities and doctors a subscription fee to use the electronic medical records system, as well as a percentage of the fee collected by the doctor for each appointment. It plans to expand outside of Ghana to Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas.

“We intend to grow data-driven revenue in 2018 to offset the lack of revenue per booking transaction. In essence, we have decided not to pursue the small change on the table,” Dogbatse said.



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