EcoCash Suspends International Transactions On Debit Card


Ecocash has with immediate effect suspended international transactions on the debit card due to foreign currency challenges.

The developments come barely a few  months after EcoCash slashed international Debit card limits for ATM $50, POS $200 and online payments were reduced to $50.  

Due to the prevailing foreign currency challenges we regret to advise that we are suspending international use of the EcoCash MasterCard Debit Card with immediate effect. However with effect from 1 November, we are happy to advise that you will be able to transact with the debit card outside Zimbabwe upon prefunding your card.

EcoCash however has assured customer especially those who wish to continue using their debit cards outside Zimbabwe by giving them a condition of prefunding the card with foreign  currency, a move which is workable especially if one does not like the idea of moving around with cash.



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