American Based Logic Phones Hit Zim Market

Last month we broke news of amalgamation of Astro mobile with an American mobile phone brand, Logic, a move which was set to bring low, medium and high end mobile devices to the Zimbabwean market.

If you have been looking for a mid range phone that does not cost you much, but gets you going with most features that high end smartphones can do, with amazing speed and picture quality, then you need to try this latest American based brand that is now in Zimbabwe.

The new mobile gadgets have finally hit the Zimbabwe market with medium and low ranges devices, which are set to excite the market as they come with fairly good and competitive specs, for a reasonable price.

For me, personally I love instant broadcasts off my phone, the selling point was the 4G capability supported by a very good camera quality.

Although they are coming in with a plastic feel which is honestly a put off, the aesthetic design compensates for that very well, for low and medium gadgets that boast of ready to go pre installed Android 10 go edition, running on a quad core processor of 2ghz.

The quick selling point for these mobile phones is their good quality camera pumped with Dual cameras of 13mp and a 0.3 FF on the back while the front selfie comes with 5mp for selfies , which we did some quick demo shot in closed, low light environment.

The results were not disappointing, more indepth on the camera prowess on the go.

Space and Speed is the thing for most average phone users, this mobile phone comes packed up with a processing memory of 2gig RAM, a cool spec for low and mid range phone, which will make you run most of your applications, without any need to close some to create space or avoid crashing.

Ultimately it all goes down to storing those special moments and many people would love to relook into their best photos and videos after months and years.

The Logic phones will give you a cool storage of 32g internal storage which will help you save those lasting memories.

While all these cool features last forever, battery life does not, and you can only go for as long as it allows, the official battery storage capacity on the devices is marked to be 2 950 mAh , reasonably good to give you a couple of days for normal users.

We are however yet to have a hands on strenuous test to see how far it can stretch.

To add a lil cherry on top, these Medium range devices also come in with facial recognition capacity to unlock the device for security , a feature usually readily available for high end phones.

While the new gadgets are a first in the country, Astro mobile also spoke on their back up services and support to the market, as they insist that they are not only selling a product to offload to the market, but a lifestyle they are willing to support.

Ofcourse the major point that most of you would want to hear about is the actual price of the devices , just how affordable is this gadget before we all get too excited.

Just before I answer that question, let me note that they also have an option for anyone, not just civil servants to buy now and pay later, a system they are running under their technology arm that helps assess the risk of a customer to default and the capacity to repay under their e-shagi system.

The selling price for these phones is $150 for the mid range.

They spoke of a very interesting technology that actually cuts off customers who may have bought the devices but chose to default on payment, they say the device is and can be remotely locked once a user defaults on the payment plan, meaning they can no longer use it.

This is a real risk, considering most Zimbabweans who are not even civil servants, would want to try this gadget, but may think twice should they fall on difficult financial times.

I guess the knowledge of this technology would deter some would be opportunists and hopefully our Ximex guys will not attempt rewriting the whole OS over the locked gadget.

Overally, this is a very exciting gadget to try out, price vs specs is very much interesting, and more importantly for those can get this gadget on credit, well that’s a plus for you as you pay at much lower premiums over a longer time.

Ross Moyo

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