Illegal Actions That Contravene Electoral Laws


Information from Electoral players on Electoral offences is now more than available on the ground.In an exclusive interview with TechnoMag, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) revealed Electoral offences or malpractices which refer to illegal actions or misconduct that Contravene Electoral Laws or regulations and aim to corrupt, manipulate, or undermine the fairness and integrity of the election during the electoral process.

Zec said actions deemed illegal for contravening electoral laws include: Political or Electoral violence such as physical attacks, destruction of property or intimidation of voters and candidates.

Zec also added, “Voter intimidation where threats, violence or use of coercion to influence voters or prevent them from voting.

The usual unfortunate norm of “Vote-buying where gifts are offered to voters in exchange for their votes,” rears its ugly head time and again.

Voters added their voice stating, “Voter impersonation when someone uses fake identification papers to vote in the name of another person.”

Analysts interviewed by this reporter in Mabvuku Tafara cited, “Destroying or defacing political posters.”

Others mentioned, “Publishing false/defamatory allegations about a party or its representatives.”

Many other Illegal actions that contravene electoral laws include, “Causing disorder at a polling station,” with Zec also citing, “Taking photographs inside polling stations or booths.”. Another criminal nuisance and Electoral offences involves ballot stuffing and tempering with election results.

Ross Moyo

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