Zimbabwe To Make A Killing Exporting Water To SA

Zimbabwe stands to make a killing from exporting its drinking hydrogen 2 oxide (H2O) to neighboring country South Africa.

This was revealed by Minister of Media, Information Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Dr Jenfan Muswere after Cabinet approved the deal to sell water to its neighbor.

“Cabinet approved the amendment to the agreement between the Republic of South Africa and the Republic of Zimbabwe on the supply of treated water from the Beitbridge water treatment works in Zimbabwe to Musina town, which was presented by the Minister of Skills Audit, Professor Paul Mavima, as the Acting Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs,” he said.

“The agreement will facilitate the transfer of treated water from Beitbridge Water Works in the Republic of Zimbabwe to Musina town in the Republic of South Africa at agreed terms and conditions and provide a framework for any such arrangements amongst the designated competent authorities.

“Benefits of this agreement include the following; improved water resources cooperation and governance, and improved livelihoods from the people of Zimbabwe due to the generation of the much needed foreign currency.”

Minister Muswere said the deal would result in strengthened relations and cooperation with South Africa enhancing the prevention of significant harm in the two countries through joint efforts in management of water resources of the Limpopo River.

The Minister added that Beitbridge town’s water management was set to greatly improve considering that it will get the much needed foreign currency from the supply of water to Musina.

“Under the agreement there will be equitable and reasonable use of transboundary water resources,” he said.

This comes a few months following the signing of a memorandum of understanding by Musina and Beitbridge to have a twinning arrangement paving way for the two councils to cooperate on a number of areas that will stir economic development on both sides of the border.

The Zimbabwe government has approved this proposal for the multimillion water treatment plant in Beitbridge to sell water to Musina in South Africa to improve water resources and cooperation governance between the two countries.

Time and again Musina has perennially been dogged by water woes, resulting in the South Africans approaching Zimbabwe for a rescue package.

The town of Beitbridge now has a decent water supply as Beitbridge and Musina towns share a number of cross cutting challenges that come with their geographical location next to Sadc’s largest land border post along one of Africa’s biggest trade corridors.

These two councils host close to 15 000 people in transit who are expected to get a number of services.

The two also share challenges with managing pandemics and public health, water, sewer and roads infrastructure, among other amenities.

Anything that happens in Beitbridge in terms of health or social challenges has a spill over effect on Musina and vice versa.

Ross Moyo

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