Zambia Licenses StarLink, Who is Next ?

Zimbabwe now has two neighbors who have officially licensed Starlink, raising strong  hopes for more  low hanging satellites orbits  around the SADC region.

With the recent launch of Starlink in the Eastern  side, in Mozambique, the licensing of Zambia, up north Zimbabwe completes  key regional spheres.

However they are strong confirmations  that South African born Elon Musk’ StarLink will not be coming to South  Africa anytime soon.

Zambia reports that StarLink  has secured a licence to provide services in Zambia after conducting successful pilot projects in locations across the country, the Ministry of Technology and Science (MOTS) has announced. Previously, in March 2023 Felix Mutati, Zambia’s Minister of Science and Technology, had revealed that Starlink connectivity had proved to be effective in nine Zambian provinces during testing, and said at the time that the next step was to finalise the company’s operating licence.

With that concession having now been awarded, Percy Chinyama, National Coordinator at SMART Zambia Institute – a division under the Office of the President – was cited as saying that Starlink’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite services are expected to extend broadband connectivity to disadvantaged users in remote parts of the country.


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