Twitter Making New Publishing Tool For Posting Articles

Twitter has renamed its Notes feature to “Articles” and expanded its capabilities. CEO Elon Musk said it will now let users post long articles with a range of media.

The Notes feature was originally being designed to let users post whatever they wanted without being restricted to the then-280-character limit.

However, with Twitter updating the limit to 25,000 characters for Blue subscribers, the company appears to be reevaluating the Notes feature.

“This will allow users to post very long, complex articles with mixed media,” said Musk.

“You could publish a book if you want.”

According to Engadget, Twitter announced that it was working on Twitter Notes in June 2022, pitching the feature as a means of writing longer posts.

It was available on a limited experimental basis to users in the US, UK, Canada, and Ghana.

Musk’s acknowledgement of the change to “Articles” is the company’s first mention of the feature since its announcement — which happened after Musk announced his plans to buy Twitter but before the deal went through.

Articles will be separate from the main Twitter feed, and users can embed photos, videos, and other Tweets in their Articles.

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