TelOne Commits to Anti-Corruption Efforts Through Integrity Pledge Signing

TelOne, Zimbabwe’s largest converged telecommunications operator, took a significant step today by signing the anti-corruption pledge, also known as the integrity pledge. The initiative aligns with both the parastatal and government’s anti-corruption agenda to combat corrupt practices in the country.

The pledge signing ceremony, held in the capital city, was led by TelOne’s Managing Director, Engineer Lawrence Nkala, emphasizing the importance of upholding integrity and ethics in the organization to support national development goals.

Speaking to TechnoMag, Engineer Nkala, expressed the significance of the integrity pledge in driving a corruption prevention action plan tailored to all levels of the organization, from the board to management to staff. He stated, “To uphold high levels of integrity, ethics guiding our day-to-day operations.”

“Undertaking from board to Management to staff. This will transcend to all levels of the oganization. To uphold high levels of integrity, ethics guiding our day to day operations,” he said.

Furthermore, the TelOne boss emphasized the company’s commitment to aligning with the country’s stance on citizen protection through offering services free from corruption, thereby enhancing service delivery and ensuring a corruption-free service environment.
“We believe TelOne will be alligned with the countrys position on protecting the citizens through offering services in a corruption free manner. And this is exactly wat today we are doing.We believe this pledge will go a long way in enhancing our service delivery, in enhancing our service assurance and to ensure that we offer services in a corruption free manner.”
The integrity pledge signing marks a milestone in TelOne’s efforts to promote good governance and institutionalize the fight against corruption. Engineer Nkala highlighted the critical areas within the business, such as procurement, project contracting, and customer service, as focus points to ensure the organization operates in a transparent and corruption-free manner.
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