NetOne Revolutionizes Rural Connectivity in Zimbabwe

In a bid to propel Zimbabwe further into the digital age, NetOne Pvt Ltd has established itself as a telecommunications giant with an extensive coverage network that reaches even the remotest corners of the country.
The company’s commitment to bridging the digital divide and empowering marginalized communities is reshaping the socio-economic landscape of Zimbabwe.
Chief Commercial Officer, Learnmore Musunda, highlights the pivotal role of network availability in revolutionizing business operations, emphasizing how NetOne’s reliable connectivity has streamlined communication channels and broadened access to essential services.
Masunda said, “NetOne’s extensive coverage network has revolutionized the way individuals and enterprises conduct business. Reliable connectivity ensures seamless communication and access to essential services, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.”
Under the leadership of Group Chief Executive Officer Engineer Raphael Mushanawani, the state state-owned mobile network operator has undertaken strategic initiatives to bolster rural connectivity, recognizing the transformative potential of telecommunications in underserved regions.
Engineer Mushanawani stresses the significance of reducing the digital gap and believes that reliable telecommunications services are vital for driving socio-economic progress, particularly in areas lacking connectivity.
“Reliable telecommunications services are vital for fostering socio-economic development, especially in areas where connectivity is lacking. By expanding our network infrastructure, we are empowering communities with access to information, education, and opportunities,” Mushanawani said.
NetOne’s proactive approach has not only facilitated access to information but has also fostered innovation and growth by expanding network infrastructure.
Initiatives such as the simplified process for purchasing USD prepaid electricity tokens through the *554# platform have enhanced the utility of mobile telecommunications in everyday life.
The company’s innovation extends to services like airtime purchases through *379#, catering to evolving customer needs.
Ross Moyo

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