Starlink Yet To Apply For Operational Licence


By Tarisai Mudahondo

The Ministry of Information Communication Technologies (lCT) says Starlink has still not applied for an operational license in Zimbabwe and it remains questionable what could be the hold-up.

Minister of ICT Honourable Tatenda Mavetera set the record straight as to where we are with the satellite internet service provider.

“On the issue of Starlink, Zimbabwe is open for business and one thing we need to understand and appreciate is we have got an engagement agenda that we have as a country.

“And you will realize that the issue of connectivity is something that we are very much serious with as a ministry, and then what are we then doing – satellite technologies, these are low orbit technologies that we also need to adopt as a country,” she said.

She added, ” l believe that we can appreciate that Africom is already having that and l think we have already started releasing satellite technologies, so Starlink is just one”.

Honourable Mavetera made it clear that Starlink communicated its interest in operating in Zimbabwe to the local regulator, the Postal and Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ), but since then, they have not even paid their application fees to date.

“Starlink is yet to apply but they indicated to the Postal and Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) that they are interested in coming to Zimbabwe.”

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