NetOne Takes Tourism, Environmental Protection To Hauna


One of the country’s leading network providers, NetOne this past weekend took the promotion of tourism and environmental protection to another level when they hosted the NetOne-Albun Marathon race at Hauna Growth Point in Honde Valley.

Speaking to hundreds of people who gathered to enjoy a life event, NetOne General Manager Learnmore Masunda read the Group Chief Executive Officer (GCEO) Engineer Raphael Mushanawani’s speech outlining their objectives before mentioning that they were deeply committed to sustainability and responsible governance.

“We recognize the vital importance of achieving the goals outlined in Environment, Sustainability, and Governance.”

The Mobile Network Operator said, “That is why we have chosen to sponsor a fitness marathon with a theme centred around environmental protection and the promotion of tourism. Through this event, we aim to raise awareness about the pressing need to preserve our natural resources, promote sustainable practices, and foster a sense of responsibility towards our environment.”

The company added that, “By combining the power of fitness and the beauty of tourism, we hope to inspire individuals to become custodians of our planet, supporting sustainable tourism practices and actively participating in environmental conservation efforts.”

NetOne showed concern about the increasing frequency and intensity of veld fires which threaten the stability and reliability of their network infrastructure, while deforestation disrupts the natural habitats of wildlife and reduces the efficacy of NetOne’s signal transmission.

By addressing these environmental challenges and actively participating in the rehabilitation of the country’s ecosystems, NetOne not only safeguards the integrity of its business operations but also contributes to the preservation of the planet for future generations.

Ross Moyo

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