Mexican Biogas Technology Firm Expands To Zimbabwe

MEXICAN biogas technology leader has expanded to Zimbabwe through a partnership with three firms as it spreads its tentacles on the continent.
The strategic partnership with Lanforce Energy, Modern Clean Cooking for Africa and Water and Energy for Food marks a significant expansion of the company’s footprint in Africa, aiming to revolutionise the biogas landscape in Zimbabwe, said in a statement.’s Africa director Mandarin Maina said their entry into Zimbabwe was a milestone, driven by “our unwavering dedication to supporting farmers” and fostering sustainable development.

“Our partnership with Lanforce Energy, Modern Clean Cooking for Africa and Water and Energy for Food signifies our joint commitment to bring affordable, reliable, and eco-friendly biogas solutions to Zimbabwean farmers, positively impacting livelihoods and the environment.”

The firm said its innovative biogas solutions, known for their durability, ease of installation and transformative impact, were set to benefit smallholder farmers and communities nationwide.

“The launch in Zimbabwe underlines’s commitment to addressing critical challenges faced by farmers, including access to renewable energy and efficient waste management,” the statement read in part.

“By leveraging on extensive expertise and world-class technology, this collaboration seeks to provide turnkey biogas systems and comprehensive support to farmers, facilitating improved livelihoods and sustainable agricultural practices.” is a social enterprise that provides access to innovative bio-digester technology, training and financing to address the challenges of poverty, food security and climate change.

Headquartered in Mexico, the firm has operations in India, Columbia and Kenya.It manufactures and distributes high-quality, affordable bio-digesters that enable farmers to convert waste into renewable energy and organic fertiliser. Collaborating with farmers worldwide, delivers high-quality carbon mitigation, sequestration, and climate change adaptation programmes.

Working with smallholder farmers across the globe, aims to reduce their carbon footprint, increase productivity and efficiency, and create a healthier, sustainable environment on their farms. has garnered recognition and awards for its unique and proven technology, as well as its innovative implementation model in the field.With a presence on over 53 200 farms in 31 countries worldwide, has the potential to bring clean energy and sustainable agricultural practices to 100 million farmers across 15% of the world’s farmland.


In line with the global climate agenda, said it was committed to impacting over 1,5 million people (290 000 farms) with its technology by 2025, resulting in five million tonnes of reduced GHG emissions and the creation of over US$100 million in net positive economic benefits in rural economies.

In Africa, runs the largest carbon biodigester programme that has enabled more than 8 000 smallholder farmers to access biogas affordably.

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