Liquid Google Alliance Transforms Lives, Boosts Economies – RCEO Makamure

Liquid Intelligent Technologies Central Africa, Regional Chief Executive Officer (RCEO), Wellington Makamure has said Zimbabwean businesses will reap the benefits of their new strategic partnership with Google.

The Liquid boss was speaking at a recent telecom’s indaba when he said Zimbabwean firms and individuals stand to benefit more from this alliance.

“The alliance transforms lives, boosts economies, and positions Africa as an international tech hub. Zimbabwean businesses and individuals stand to gain from this powerful synergy.”

“As a pan-African technology group, we have forged a strategic alliance with global tech leader Google Cloud,” said RCEO Makamure.

Makamure said the rapid advancement of emerging technologies had led to a growing acknowledgment of telecommunications as a fundamental human right, advocating unrestricted access to the internet throughout Zimbabwe and Africa.

Makamure said there was significance in public-private partnerships on economic growth and competitiveness which could put Zimbabwean businesses on the global scale.

“Technological advancement, access to advanced cloud services and cyber security solutions will empower businesses and institutions in Zimbabwe and across Africa,” he said.

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