Liquid Technologies Partners AI Anthropic

Liquid Intelligent Technologies, Regional Chief Executive Officer Wellington Makamure has said his local tech company has partnered AI, Anthropic to reshape the industry such that innovation empowers machines to learn, reason and make decisions.

“As a pan-African technology group, we have forged a strategic alliance with AI (artificial intelligence) company Anthropic,” he said.

In light of this, AI leads to enhanced efficiency, personalised experiences, and new business models.

“With generative AI, companies can drive innovation, automate processes, and enhance decision-making.

Businesses can also leverage AI for personalised customer experiences, predictive analytics and more.”

Makamure also added that the partnership signified a commitment to advanced technology adoption, utilising robust cloud infrastructure and AI capabilities which attracts international investors, generates job opportunities, and benefits government operations.

Makamure also cited other government operations that could benefit from such collaborations as data management, citizen services, disaster management and innovation services.

Ross Moyo

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