ICT Minister Mavetera Meets Postal, Courier Stakeholders 

Information Communication Technology (ICT) Minister Dr. Tatenda Mavetere met with stakeholders in the postal and courier services sector to discuss and hear their 2024 expectations yesterday.
Zimpost and FedEx among others attended the discussion.
At the stakeholder’s engagement meeting, Minister Mavetera reckoned that there was a need for operators to come together to create a level playing field.
“There is a need for players in the postal and courier services to come together so that we create a level playing field in the sector,” she said.
“We also need to address the issue of informal players and we would like to bring them on board so that they register and become formalised players. We also need to become efficient as traders that have already been in the market and we must have cost-efficient measures to enhance our operations.”
Minister Mavetera highlighted the importance of digitalising postal service.
“It is important to work together so that we overcome the challenges and engage everyone so that people will be able to enhance communication and business using e-commerce,” she said.
Shumirai Nyamadzawo

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