Potraz Stands Firm Against Use Of Starlink Services, Devices

The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) has warned the public against the use of unlicensed communication services in marketing and distributing Starlink Internet service and devices.
The fresh warnings come in the wake of the arrest of two people from Bulawayo and Victoria Falls for a similar offence. The two have since been arraigned to court.
Potraz Dirctor General Dr.G.K Machengete has always issues warnings agains the use of Starlink and he was again on record recently.
“Being found in possession operating telecommunication equipment without a valid license from POTRAZ is a statutory offense punishable by law,” he said.
He added, “Starlink has not yet formally registered in Zimbabwe. POTRAZ in collaboration with the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has to enforce laws in the telecommunication sector, individuals and businesses are encouraged to follow the rules to avoid facing severe legal consequences.
“It is illegal to sell and use Starlink in Zimbabwe, police will conduct raids and arrests shortly. All people who advertise the equipment are placing themselves at risk, and are advised to stop selling and using them.”
 Starlink has become popular, with social media users sharing pictures on Facebook, and Instagram of the service’s router mounted on their premises however, the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation has been seen using the service.
Shumirai Nyamadzawo

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