Gvt Gives Schools Teams To Stop Cholera Using Covid SOPs

Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Torerayi Moyo has introduced same template of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that was used during Covid-19 to fight the cholera outbreak threatening the country as well as school children who return officialy to school tomorrow.

“Schools will be using a template of SOPs that was used during Covid-19. “So, we are saying there is need for each school, especially in urban areas, to have running water. Where there is no running water, there should be adequate clean water for hand-washing and ablution facilities,” said Minister Moyo in relation to the use of the Covid SOPs that saw Zimbabwe emerge stronger from a scourge that decimated most of the world populace only recently.

The Minister also directed all school authorities to heighten awareness campaigns on cholera.

Some private stakeholders have also volunteered to drill boreholes at some public schools.

“The issue needs a holistic approach and all the relevant ministries should come on board,” Moyo added.

“We are also working with our partners such as UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) and various players to ensure that boreholes are drilled in schools across the country.”

The outbreak of cholera was first reported in February last year, at its peak resulting in fatal cases with Zimbabwe recording 15 137 suspected cases, 1 759 confirmed cases, 14 578 recoveries, 67 confirmed deaths and 266 suspected deaths.

Minister Moyo urged calm however adding that the government has everything under control when schools open tomorrow.

“There is no need for parents to panic. We have put in place measures that stop or minimise the spread of cholera in schools.”

Moyo’s ministry has set up disaster risk management teams at all public schools nationwide to enforce stringent public health measures to curb the spread of cholera and facilitate rapid response to potential weather-induced disasters during the current rainy season, as learning institutions prepare for the beginning of the first tomorrow.

Moyo’s action reflects ministrys’ concern over the raging cholera outbreak, which can potentially spread quickly in densely populated school environments.

According to Minister Moyo, the teams will be drawn from teachers, community health workers and volunteers who will spearhead efforts to maintain strict hygiene standards similar to public health measures that became the norm during the Covid-19 pandemic, such as the introduction of hand-washing stations and related sanitation protocols.

The new standard operating procedures (SOPs), state that each classroom is required to have a functional hand-washing station with running water and soap, while ablution facilities will be cleaned and disinfected thrice a day.

The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education will also distribute water disinfection tablets to all public schools.

Ross Moyo

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