72 Rapid Response Centres Ensure SI 240 of 2023, Which Sets Tuition Fees Adhered To

Minister of Primary and Secondary Education (Mopse) Hon Torerai Moyo has praised the heightening and monitoring of schools’ conduct on tuition fees by his Ministry which has seen Statutory Instrument 240 of 2023, which sets this year’s tuition fees, gazetted only last month adhered to.

Moyo said the introduction of rapid response centres last year, has seen a drop in malpractices by school authorities.

School authorities reactivated 72 rapid response centres countrywide for parents to report schools that unilaterally hike tuition fees, conduct unsanctioned extra lessons and turn away learners for non-payment of fees, among other malpractices.

“Since the introduction of rapid response centres, we have seen a reduction in malpractices in schools.

“There are currently 72 centres and we will only increase the number if there is need, and we will know this after the tour.”

Officials from the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education will undertake impromptu spot checks at schools countrywide to assess compliance.

This was also confirmed by the ministry’s communications and advocacy director, Taungana Ndoro, who said all was set for schools’ opening.

Ross Moyo

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