Zimbabwe Observes National Day Of Prayer

President Emmerson Mnangagwa joined the rest of the nation in observing the National Day of Prayer at State house yesterday.

President Mnangagwa addressed an interdenominational service at State house where he noted that God will help Zimbabwe grow in leaps and bounds.

“Our nation is testimony that in every circumstance when facing plenty or lack, abundance or need, we can do all things through Jesus Christ who gives us strength. Philippians 4 Verse 12-13.

Reverend Andrew Wutawunashe, Faith for the Nation president also chairman of the Zimbabwe Indigenous Inter Denominational Council of Churches (ZIICC), Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi, Vapostori, Zion4ED and Madzibaba Moses Gwasarira are among the top religious leaders who graced yesterday’s occasion.

Ross Moyo

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