Zesa Updates Nation On Power Loss

The Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (Zesa) has given the nation an update on the loss of power caused by two major faults on the national grid yesterday and today.

The two faults on the national grid have restricted power supply to parts of eastern Harare and Manicaland.

The power utility also warns of generally depressed generation as water levels at Kariba are down to 12 percent and Hwange Unit 8 is offline for routine maintenance.

“On 12 December 2023, a transmission tower collapsed at Ingwe farm, this is a 330kv line between Warren and Dema Substation. This line is critical for maintaining the stability of the power system. The outage of this critical line led to the loss of power to Dema and Orange Groove Substation, which supply power to eastern parts of Harare, Manicaland and surrounding areas. Some customers have been restored using the Mozambique Songo-Bindura corridor, supplying a total of 220MV,” read the statement.

On 13 December 2023, the electricity supply was lost due to a fault in the Mozambique Transmission Grid which connects to Zimbabwe through Bindura.

“Our technical teams are working round the clock to ensure that these faults are rectified at the earliest convenience to enable restoration,” wrote Zesa.

Zesa further noted that the national grid is generally depressed in terms of generation, largely due to the depressed availability of water at Kariba while Hwange Unit 8 is off-grid and undergoing maintenance.


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