SD BIOSENSOR Distributes Free HIV, Syphilis Combo Tests


A medical testing kits supplier SD BIOSENSOR has donated free HIV and Aids-related testing kits and other products to people living with HIV and Aids and those infected with syphilis.

This came out at the official opening of the ongoing 22nd edition of the International Conference on Aids and STIs in Africa (ICASA) was held at the Rainbow Towers yesterday evening.

According to the statistics provided, the free distribution is done to achieve the goal of eliminating the mother-to-child transmission (EMTC) of HIV and Syphilis.

The danger of HIV and Syphilis Co-Infection is that they continue to be common co-infections in HIV-infected women and can facilitate in-utero transmission of HIV to infants.
Each infection has long been known to make a person more susceptible to the other. Syphilis sores provide an easy entry point for HIV that impairs the immune system in ways that make it easier for syphilis to take hold.

Moreover, there has been marked progress towards EMTC of HIV, with a 41 percent reduction in new paediatric HIV cases between 2010 and 2018. However, syphilis remains the second most common cause of stillbirth globally. Syphilis testing and treatment coverage among pregnant women is low in many countries, lower than that of antennal HIV testing and treatment.

Use of STANDARD Q HIV/Syphilis testing Combo offers the opportunity to immediately close the gap between HIV and syphilis testing among pregnant women, to eliminate adverse birth outcomes due to syphilis.

Sheltryn Parangira

Mnangagwa, Nyusi Grace ICASA Official Opening

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