Netone Records Markert Share lncrease As Econet And Telecel Drop

State owned mobile network operator NetOne has recorded a market share increase of 2.7 percent against its competitors Econet Wireless and Telecel Zimbabwe which recorded a decrease of 2.5 percent and 0.2 percent respectively.

This was mainly driven by a major shift in the active subscriber base which saw NetOne grow its active users by 617 149 subscribers, using their dormant SIM cards back in the network, this was a 17.4 percent jump in active subscribers.

The country’s biggest mobile network by subscriber base Econet wireless saw an increase of active subscribers jump by a 2.2 percent , recording an increase of 225 663.

The third mobile network operator Telecel Zimbabwe which has been struggling with serious under capitalization and network expansion saw a dip in active subscription losing 4 170 subscribers from their current 307 534.

NetOne has all the reasons to smile as they increase the size of their piece of cake in a hotly contested market, registering growth against a well capitalized vehicle.

The move is most likely to have been driven by service provision, mainly the affordable data bundles that they have been running over the quarter, which were more attractive to a bigger customer base.

Both network providers faced data service disruptions another move which may have gotten subscribers to shift from one network to the other in search of better connectivity during their tough times.

Pricing and network availability seems to be the major market drivers and of NetOne keeps striking the right chords it has every reason to look foward to continuous growth as more subscribers are preferring the network.

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