NetOne Increases Prices For Social Media Data Bundles.


As millions demand live updates to follow the current political development, NetOne the state-owned Enterprise has moved in to revise its data tariffs upwards, which saw their data bundles pegged at the same price with its competitors 

It seems there is no better times for brisk business than now for telecoms, who are supplying probably the highest data peak ever in Zimbabwean history, with 3 million gigabytes recorded to have been consumed in the last quarter. 

NetOne had been charging $1 for 270mb which has come with a cool 48hrs before expiration, and the once unlimited WhatsApp weekly bundles are capped at 80MB, costing 87 cents is now a $1 while their  monthly $2.87 social media bundles have been moved to $3. 

The move could have been felt by few subscribers who seem to be all consumed by the current political developments in Zimbabweans, where the internet is breaking both fake news and likely realistic updates to the masses.

NetOne may have silently killed their most affordable data packages, that is WhatsApp and Facebook bundles as this is now currently the biggest revenue earner for all mobile operators, amidst major voice revenue decline.





Tari Mudahondo

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