#MondayBlues: James Makamba Coming Back To Zimbabwe?


Self Exiled Businessman, Philanthropist, and Telecel Zimbabwe co- founder Mr James Makamba, might return home as indications on the ground prove that his life is no longer at risk from the Mugabe regime. 

His son Zororo Makamba could have signaled the move after he tweeted that it was now time for his dad to come back home, considering that Mugabe was just toppled from power recently, forcing his resignation.

In a tweet Zororo said 

The tweet has been interpreted by many analysts as a message confirming plans by the businessman to come back home once the environment was conducive for him.

If he is coming back this soon, this is a major move to have our own local business movers residing and developing own nation. Lately Makamba has been making headlines while mentoring and supporting another non-Zimbabwean young businesss man as we kept blocking him from his own nation.

However, a lot has changed at Telecel Zimbabwe since he left. This includes his influence at Telecel Zimbabwe where he and some locals used to control 40% of the stake which they were selling to Brainworks.

The government was however adamant in the move insisting that they are taking over the 40% as they were given the stake by them to represent the general populace.

“Anyone who purports to have bought shareholding must know that they have lost their money. Govt is moving ahead with the acquisition of the 40% from the legitimate owners of the 40 percent”

The deal today is neither confirmed nor denied and we await to see what the future holds for it!.

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