Mnangagwa Accelerates National Digitalization Drive

President Emmerson Mnangagwa officially launched three ICT Policies and commissioned the Dandemutande Optic fiber Network which is targeted at developing the nation’s  technology in alignment with  the NDS1 digitalization policy.

The move will greatly impact Zimbabweans and expedite connectivity issues across the country while tapping into the peri urban and rural areas, a predominantly unconnected community

The policies, namely  Zimbabwe National Policy for Information Communication Technology (ICT) covering the period 2022 to 2027, the Zimbabwe National Broadband Plan covering the period 2020 to 2030, and the Smart Zimbabwe 2030 Master Plan as well as  the commissioning of the, Bandwidth and Cloud Services (BCS) Group Limited Zimbabwe Optic Fibre Network where officially launched in  Somabula yesterday.

In a bid to promote the Second Republics mantra of  leaving no place and no one behind, The President took the launch to rural Somabula in the Midlands to Launch the backbone optic fiber which runs from Victoria falls via Somabula to Beitbridge and also connects Harare to Bulawayo.

In his remarks the President said they are committed to realize the NDS1 digitalization goal of bringing technological services to rural Zimbabwe as well.

“These policies we are launching today provides sufficient guidance to the ICT sector. All parties including Civil Society Organizations, the general public, are called upon to play by the rules.”

The National Policy of Information communication Technology will empower communities giving them equal access to technology facilities through out the country,

“There must be empowerment for the growth of a digital economy which empowers our communities, no matter where they live. So this policy will make sure that learners and young entrepreneurs, whether here in Somabula,or in Kanyemba or in Gokwe, or Binga all have the same opportunities as those in our big cities like Harare and Bulawayo”

With the vast advancement in technology, there is need to adapt the use of technology in all aspects of life, this the Smart Zimbabwe 2030 Masterplan is set to “achieve more creative societies, through the use of technology,”

Technology should go beyond social media to “improve service delivery in healthcare, education and agriculture among sectors,” he said.

The goal of digitalizing Zimbabwe is determined on closing the digital gap through The National Broadband Plan, which tends to create “guaranteed universal access to reliable and high speed internet connectivity,”

The President also officially opened the Somabula School computer laboratory and the telemedicine center.

Elleanor Chard

Minister Mavetera ln Tripple ICT Policy Unveiling, Somabula

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