Minister of ICT Hands Over 20 Laptops to Zimbabwe’s National Prosecuting Authority

The Minister of Information Communication Technology Postal and Courier Services, Honorable Tatenda Mavetera, presented 20 laptops to the National Prosecuting Authority of Zimbabwe (NPA) today, in a bid to enhance their operational capabilities.

During the handover ceremony, Hon. Tatenda Mavetera emphasized the impact of technology on the work of prosecutors. She stated, “These laptops will empower prosecutors to utilize technology for case management, research, communication, and information sharing. This will not only boost their productivity but also improve response times in handling digital-related crimes.”

Mavetera highlighted the significance of the laptops in strengthening the NPA and the Ministry of Justice. She further emphasized the importance of aligning actions with policy to enhance efficiency and innovation within the public service sector.

“We need to translate our commitments into action to develop effective policies, procedures, and practices. A culture of innovation and operational efficiency is crucial for our work,” stated Mavetera.

In her response, Prosecutor General Loyce Matanda-Moyo thanked Minister Mavetera for the laptops, acknowledging their potential to enhance operational efficiency within the judiciary.

“Your support, Honorable Minister, as the primary ministry in the ICT sector, significantly streamlines our journey towards improved efficiency and the quality of justice. ICT benefits extend beyond efficiency; they help us address case backlogs,” Matanda-Moyo remarked.

The Prosecutor General also highlighted the role of ICT solutions in addressing the backlog of cases in the judicial system, underscoring the potential for enhanced transparency, accountability, and access to information for improved decision-making by all stakeholders.

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