Island of Joy Recovers From COVID-19

Island of Joy is set to be a top notch entertainment place after being affected by a worldwide pandemic of Covid -19, this doubles with the management of Yasin Dhala its General Management.
Dhala ululates its positioning considering it  is close to the state of art interchange Mbudzi roundabout and pinpointed how the place has been on low profile succumbing to the effects of COVID-19.
” Island of Joy is well positioned for our business and offering immediate services to people traveling at the Mbudzi roundabout which is still under construction.
It is a place which where people can hold conferences, corporate  events family outings and we are ready for the festive season activities at affordable prices”,he said.
He added that there are already lined up artists to perform during the festive season and he is looking forward to hosting famous artistes in Zimbabwe.
Shumirai Nyamadzawo

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