#FridayHacks: Five Ways to SOLVE OBS-Facebook Connectivity Problems


The Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) can be a vexing tool to use when trying to live stream videos, especially on Facebook. One day, the problem I encountered with OBS is that I faced numerous network connection failures as the software could not establish a Facebook Live streaming link to start streaming.
I among many  OBS users have gone through a string of Google searches looking for solutions to solve some of the vexes associated with OBS when doing a Facebook video streaming. Apparently I could not find any assistance on the help. To make matters worse the OBS community  has not yet solved this connectivity error on the software.

By Toneo Rutsito

I have bad, mild and good news for you. Good news is this problem can be solved. The mild news is that one has to be more cautious otherwise the bad news will befall you that the problem becomes permanent, unsolvable.

I have compiled five ways around the Connectivity problem when using OBS. As usual to solve an error, you have to identify it. The common error is that OBS simply dies on connecting and never give you a response, the second one is that it may quickly give you a ca server connection error.

1a) Use a VPN
This might sound crazy. But I once had difficulties in explaining how to use Virtual Private Networks, I still do however what I know is that using VPN is like saying  the abracadabra magic word. The problem will disappear  because while using my machine VPN as a Hotspot shield I streamed flawlessly.

1b) IP Addresses

This is however strange because My IMac desktop with same network range connected on the same network smooth and easy. As my iMac can only connect via a VPN, I figured it could be possible that the Facebook server at times would deny some IP addresses connection.

2. Unbock some IP addresses
This could be the most probable reason, your machine could be having some funny program blocking the port 4443, you may need to run a couple of tests to see what is blocking your ports.The default RTMP port is TCP 1935.
Firewall settings needed for viewing streams
In order to check firewall issues you create the following stageful firewall rules, that is assuming you have a regular internet connection:
•    Outgoing UDP destination port 53 0r 1935to your nameserver or any IP for domain name resolution (DNS)
•    Outgoing TCP destination port 80, 443 to any IP for web
•    Outgoing TCP destination port 1935 to any IP for streaming
•    Outgoing TCP destination port 843, 6667 to the IP address ranges listed below for IRC chat

Parallels Desktop for Mac

Parallels Desktop for Mac

3. Sharing Windows and Mac OS on a virtual Machine

Well this is another awkward reason but it does not hurt to try. The major reason why I call it awkward is because the machines running the Parralells software for Mac OS for me is the one giving me connectivity problems while one which running dual boot is not. I find it crazy. I cant explain it.


4. Reinstall Windows and Mac iOS

I did this for the other iMac that had the same issues , still running on Mac and windows to date, and the same machine is connecting perfectly fine. The best part was while using OBS to link the video stream to Facebook, it worked.  What I know is it will stop soon after one or two softwares then I may know the conflicting ones. In the meantime I’m cautious enough to avoid learning things the hard way.

5. Remove security

Did I just say that? Yes I did. If OBS  is probably needed for use on an urgent particular matter, just not to look dumb, you have to take that gamble. Make sure that you have disabled some creepy security features on your computer.
While compromising the computer’s security, you can do the Facebook streaming. After streaming, ensure you reconfigure the security settings on your computer to secure it.


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