DFA Donates 10 Computers To Village Of Hope Children’s Home

The Dark Fibre Africa Zimbabwe (DFA) donated 10 computers, projectors and internet connection to the Village of Hope Children’s Home ICT Lab in Harare today.

Receiving the donation on behalf of the children’s home, Pastor Chimbetete said the donation will go a long way in resourcing over 1400 children at the centre.

Pastor Chimbetete, the current Director of VOH Zimbabwe Home said a children’s centre is all about children, where they build their lives by providing holistic care to children in need and their caregivers through our feeding program, school, and other programs.

”We target vulnerable children, before starting with this institution we really focused on orphans but now we are now on the vulnerable end of things including the orphans who are also the vulnerable” Chimbetete said.

VOH in Zimbabwe takes care of children who need shelter.

Chimbetete went on to say, “We have a Children’s Home that we are celebrating the gift DFA has given to us in our resource centre where 1400 children will be benefiting from this project.

“We are so excited about what DFA has just done for resourcing our resource centre for our resident children who were finding it difficult to research school work”

DFA has also promised to come and put their own specific connectivity.

Sheltryn Parangira

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