Dandemutande Invests US$8 million Over 861km Fibre link


Dandemutande, a leading ICT Solutions provider in Zimbabwe has announced its multimillion-dollar agreement with Fiber Connections, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bandwidth and Cloud Services Group (BCS Group).

Dandemutande and BCS Group jointly built a long-haul fiber optic backbone of approximately 861km along the Beitbridge-Harare railway network through this partnership  at the tune of USD $8 million

This same fibre link is set to be officially commissioned by Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa on the 7th of March, in Somabula, Gweru.

Dandemutande invested in the deployment of fibre from Beitbridge to Harare This investment  co-build with BCS resulted in the company acquiring 48 cores of the 96 on the route, hence they own 50% stake of the infrastructure being deployed.
The company has managed to light up 100Gbps of capacity on the link, enabling it to provide diverse and reliable backhaul connectivity to undersea cable providers,  Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and Cloud Services. The current capacity is easily scalable to over 400Gbps making it the best partner for delivery of carrier grade backhaul services from South Africa into Zimbabwe

This US$8 million investment will enable Dandemutande to significantly expand its footprint in the provision of reliable connectivity and information technology services in Zimbabwe. This will further enhance Dandemutande’s role as a leading backhaul provider in the communications sector and further the provision of advanced, high-capacity platforms and improved user experience.


Internet connectivity has been positioned as one of the key economic and developmental drivers by the Government of Zimbabwe, as it plays a critical role in promoting and enhancing the ease of doing business in the country. Furthermore, it allows for seamless communication, improved access to information, and information sharing thereby reducing the digital divide.


Never Ncube, Chief Executive Officer of Dandemutande stated that this investment is a reflection of the organization’s commitment to the provision of future-proof solutions.


“We have made an investment of US$5 million for the backhaul and will invest about US$3 million in metro fibre in cities that the backhaul is passing through to modernize and upgrade our network thereby ensuring that the platform is future-ready to meet customer needs.


This speaks volumes of our commitment to providing our customers with superior connectivity solutions throughout the country. We will split the project into two phases, the first phase being the 144km of optic fibre from Somabhula to Bulawayo which was launched in December 2022 and the second phase being the 717km of optic fibre between Beitbridge and Harare”, said Ncube.


Yonas Maru BCS Group Managing Director further explained that the new build will significantly reduce Internet access costs, increase reliability and bring high-speed Internet access to the rural areas of Zimbabwe.

“BCS Group and Dandemutande mutually funded CAPEX for fibre construction and each party owns a percentage of the fibre cores and shares, and in proportion, the cost of fibre maintenance.


Together, this project provides the infrastructure necessary for Zimbabwe to build digital services. It creates the needle that stitches our continent together, as fiber links are laid across countries and our people engage in trade, commerce, and play without regard to the borders created by colonial powers. The various projects BCS Group is doing take us out of poverty while making Zimbabwe a true hub”, said Maru.


Board Chairman of Dandemutande, Tunde Akerele emphasized that this agreement will have a positive impact on the future.


“Dandemutande is very excited about this agreement with BCS Group. We recently celebrated our 25th anniversary and this is a fitting testament to our capabilities and optimism for the future. We are confident that this agreement with BCS will change the landscape of telecommunications in Zimbabwe”, stated Akerele.


In addition to terrestrial connectivity solutions, over the years Dandemutande has consolidated and solidified its position as the go-to ICT solutions partner for individuals, SMEs, and large corporates. Over the last 25 years, the business has provided a cocktail of modern, innovative solutions which include Connectivity, Cloud solutions, Cyber Security, IT Hardware and software, IoT Solutions, Asset Management, and Training. Dandemutande prides itself in the ability to provide bespoke solutions which enable organizations to positively disrupt the market in which they operate.


About Dandemutande

Dandemutande, which is a subsidiary of Masawara Holdings, is a licensed Internet Access Provider with 25 years of experience in telecommunications. The organization is committed to providing cutting-edge ICT solutions to corporates, SMEs, and individuals. It offers a comprehensive suite of ICT solutions, including Connectivity, Cloud solutions, Cyber Security, IT Hardware and software, IoT Solutions, and Training.

About Fiber Connections

Fiber Connections is the wholesale carrier contracted to engineer, procure and construct the fiber network subject to the agreement in place. The company operates under licenses in several East, Central, and Southern African markets, to build fiber networks for its network and as an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (“EPC”) contractor for third parties. It is a Pan-African telecom infrastructure company, operating under licenses in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, and has more recently been approved to operate in Malawi. Also serving Burundi, South Sudan, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, South Africa, and Ethiopia at their respective border points.


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