City Parking Continues To Revolutionise Service Provision

Harare’s City Parking has continued to revolutionise service provision by installing parking bay sensors in areas in between Julius Nyerere way to the west, Robson Manyika to the south, Central Avenue to the north and Fourth Street to the east.

According to City Parking notice, the sensors are designed to record entry in and out of a parking bay and the system will automatically alert the parking marshal of such in and out movement of a vehicle.

The sensors will help in too eliminate the old “Log Out” process as the sensors will automatically record every exit.

However, payment is done in cash to the parking marshal as before. The notice also noted that a pre-paid payment system will soon be in place which will make use of smart cards which will be introduced soon.

In a move that will become unpopular with motorists, the notice made it known that valid parking tickets will no longer be transferable from one bay to another.

“Parking is specific to a bay and the parking time is not transferable,” read the notice.


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