ZESA  Takes Pre-Paid Meter Upgrade Process To Consumers

Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC), a subsidiary of the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) has been carrying out outreach programmes in different parts of the country to educate consumers on the ongoing upgrade process.

The power utility company has so far done several outreach programmes in high-density suburbs to try and educate consumers on the processes that they need to go through for a successful upgrade process as well as highlighting the dangers of not upgrading one’s prepaid Zesa meter.

According to Zesa, upgrading pre-paid meters enhances efficiency and reduces electricity transmission and distribution losses.

The statement went on to highlight the steps one has to follow when doing the upgrade process.

The first step of the upgrade process will be when the consumer purchases the electricity tokens where one would get three sets of 20-digit tokens. These upgrade tokens are generated when you buy electricity for a specific meter and they are for free.

The second step will be to enter the first set of the 20-digit tokens, and one is required to wait until there is confirmation.

The third step will be entering the second set of the 20-digit token and again, waiting until confirmation is received before proceeding.

The fourth step of the upgrading process will be to enter the third set of the 20-digit token. Once, completed, the third token will be successfully loaded, and the upgrade process will be complete.


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