Chitando, Zacc Urged To Act On Kuwadzana Funeral Services Director&Marondera RDC

The Minister of Local Government and Public Works Honourable Winston Chitando and the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) Chairperson Justice Loice Matanda Moyo have been called upon to investigate and expose alleged corrupt tendencies by Kuwadzana Funeral Services Director William Mukanganise and the Marondera Rural District Council (RDC) .

According to TechnoMag investigations, Kuwadzana Funeral Services Director, W Mukanganise’s Annexation of Shop Number 12, Mahusekwa Growth Point belonging to the late Assistant Commissioner Simon Mukanganise’s widow, Rosemary Mukanganise is one of many bone of contentions.

TechnoMag details Kuwadzana Funeral Services Director, William Mukanganise’s as seen in an Annexure this publication is in possession of revealing annexation of a property (Stand number 12, Mahusekwa Growth Point) in Chihota belonging to Rosemary Mukanganise, the widow of the late Assistant Commissioner (ASCOM) Simon Mukanganise as seen in another (Annexure) using fraudulently acquired title deeds. The property has since been sold by the alleged fraudster Mukanganise, the
Kuwadzana Funeral Services Director, who is said to have grabbed the property which includes (general dealer, butchery, kitchen and bottle store) located at the Mahusekwa Growth Point in Chihota which belongs to Rosemary Mukanganise, the widow of his late brother, the late Assistant Commissioner (ASCOM) Simon Mukanganise, who died two decades ago on the 9th of June 2004 while on a peacekeeping duty under a United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL).

Mukanganise allegedly did this on the basis of fraudulently acquired title deeds to the property. Evidence seen by TechnoMag sees an Annexure which shows the late ASCOM Mukanganise’s owned the shop at Mahusekwa Growth Point.

Mid last year, after acquiring title deeds, William Mukanganise served Tichaona Murefu, who was renting the property, three (3) months’ notice effective 1 July 2023 to vacate the building through his lawyers, C. Nhemwa and Evidence TechnoMag has in possession Annexure—- shows the letter dated 27 June 2023 that was served to Murefu on 28 June 2023. In the letter, the lawyers indicated that William Mukanganise was cancelling the free lease he had granted to his late brother, ASCOM Mukanganise, with effect from 22 June 2023. The letter was copied to Rosemary Mukanganise and her son, Simbarashe Mukanganise. William subsequently sold the property in September 2023.

Apparently this was not the first time that William Mukanganise claimed to have built the shop. On 18 July 2006, he served a letter from his lawyers, Musunga and Associates, on Rosemary Mukanganise demanding that she pay rent amounting to ten million Zimbabwean dollars (ZW$10m) per month for using “his” shop (See Annexure). In the letter entitled “RENTALS PAYMENTS: OUR CLIENT WILLIAM MUKANGANISE”, he claimed that the reason for the cession was that ASCOM Mukanganise wanted a loan from Small Enterprises Development Corporation (SEDCO), but did not possess an immovable property which could be used as security to qualify for the loan. Investigations by TechnoMag revealed that this claim is unfounded because SEDCO, now Small and Medium Enterprises Development Corporation (SMEDCO), gave salary-based loans, which did not require immovable property as security. Investigations by the team revealed that loans from SEDCO were salary-based and did not require security in the form of immovable property. This, therefore, is a rebuttal of the claim by William Mukanganise.

The correct position is that in 1996, when he had nearly completed the construction of his shop, ASCOM Mukanganise secured a salary-based loan amounting to the purpoted amount he needed from SEDCO to complete the construction of a septic tank and soak-away, plastering and flooring. His application for the loan was supported by a letter signed by Murodzi on behalf of the Marondera Rural District Council (RDC) CEO dated 20 February 1996, which confirmed the progress made by ASCOM Mukanganise on the ground (see Annexure).

The Annexure TechnoMag saw, shows a pay slip with an instalment of six thousand three hundred and forty Zimbabwean dollars (ZW$6 340.00) for the SEDCO loan. At that time, he earned one hundred and eighty-eight thousand dollars (ZW$188 000.00) and could easily pay the required instalment. The SEDCO loan was repaid via a stop-order facility through the Salary Service Bureau (SSB), which processes government salaries. The letter further indicated that there was an understanding that “William Mukanganise was to get back his rights and interest in the property”. According to investigations by this publication, this is not true because in the Affidavit that was signed before a Commissioner of Oaths at Hatfield Police Station in 1998, William Mukanganise stated that “I have ceded all my property and rights on Stand Number 12 Mahusekwa Growth Point to Mr Simon Mukanganise with effect from 1 May 1995” and to date especially during the time the Asscomm was alive, there is no correspondence reversing this agreement.According to the Asscomm’s surviving relatives, in this regard, William Mukanganise should be challenged to produce any communication to the contrary. The acknowledgement made by Musunga and Associates to the effect that William Mukanganise would get back his rights buttresses the position that he had relinquished his rights to ASCOM Mukanganise as indicated above.

In 1995 William Mukanganise offered his business stand (Stand number 12, Mahusekwa Growth Point) to his younger brother, ASCOM Mukanganise citing that he had no money to construct a shop. On 23 November 1998, William ceded all his property and rights to Stand number 12, Mahusekwa Growth Point effective 1 May 1995. Annexure shows an Affidavit in which William Mukanganise ceded all his property and rights to Stand number 12, Mahusekwa Growth Point, effective 1 May 1995. The Affidavit was signed at Hatfield Police Station in Harare on 23 November 1998.
On 22 June 1995, T. Murodzi, writing on behalf of the Marondera Rural District Council (RDC) Chief Executive Officer (CEO), originated a correspondence (Reference number IND/1/1/224) confirming that William Mukanganise had ceded all his property and rights to Stand number 12, Mahusekwa Growth Point to ASCOM Mukanganise with effect from 1 May 1995. This is confirmed and Seen in another Annexure. In the letter, Murodzi indicated that Marondera RDC was processing the Cession of Lease in conjunction with the Ministry of Local Government and National Housing Head Office. This is the reason why Minister Chitando has been called upon to investigate his ministry even though by then the buck did not stop with him as Minister July Moyo was the one leading the ministry.

The letter also confirmed that the buildings (general dealer, butchery and bottle store) on site were all at roof level.
William Mukanganise claims to have offered ASCOM Mukanganise a completed building to use since the latter was contemplating retiring from the Police force. Nevertheless, the evidence TechnoMag is in possession of shows that it is ASCOM Mukanganise who constructed the building. Further investigations by this publication reveal , the above claim is pure fabrication because Mukanganise is not the owner of the property. For example, bricks for the construction of the shop were supplied by Christmas Gondo.

Furthermore, receipts availed to TechnoMag show the building materials were acquired by ASCOM Mukanganise as Seen in Annexure.

Accordingly In 2022, William Mukanganise removed all the papers bearing ASCOM Mukanganise’s name from the file at Marondera RDC and replaced them with those bearing his name. He then applied for title deeds for a property which did not belong to him in 2022. After acquiring title deeds in 2023, William Mukanganise proceeded to convene a family meeting on 17 June 2023 where he claimed to have constructed the building. Mukanganise allegedly blatantly lied that he gave the property to ASCOM Mukanganise after constructing it. Most of those present at the meeting supported him because they received freebies from him.

TechnoMag came across background information Proving before ASCOM Mukanganise’s deployment to Liberia in 2003, William Mukanganise had officially ceded the property to the former. Schedule ‘G’ (Form of Cession) transferring the Agreement of Lease Number R/4097 to ASCOM Mukanganise which was signed on 14 January 2003 and submitted to Marondera RDC on 17 January 2003 (see Annexure). A cession fee of two thousand Zimbabwean dollars (ZW$2 000.00) was paid by ASCOM Mukanganise to Marondera RDC on 17 January 2003 (see Annexure).

Nine years later, In 2012, Rosemary Mukanganise and her son, Simbarashe Mukanganise, constructed a kitchen on the same site. The building plan for the kitchen was examined and approved by S.M. Zanza, representing the Marondera District Medical Officer on 16 December 2011 (see Annexure). Annexure— shows the building plan for the kitchen.Apparently it is not true that William Mukanganise permitted ASCOM Mukanganise to use the shop after constructing it as he claims. This is evidenced by the evidence presented above as well as receipts of the building materials that were purchased from several companies by ASCOM Mukanganise as indicated in the Annexure.Recommendations to give back the top policeman’s wife and son their father’s hard earned property are being pushed for as it is clear that money changed hands when William Mukanganise fraudulently acquired title deeds before claiming ownership of the properties in question.

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