All Eyes On Mangudya



All eyes are on the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) outgoing governor John Mangudya who is set to unveil his Monetary Policy Statement (MPS) with citizens hoping that it will bring lasting solutions to the problems bedevilling the country.

Mangudya is set to unveil the statement that will leverage on the structured currency to provide a lasting solution to the exchange rate that has been spiralling of late.

In an update this week, the outgoing RBZ governor revealed that the 2024 MPS is almost done following brief delays aimed at providing a lasting solution to the country’s problems.

The statement was supposed to be announced in February, but according to Mangudya, the delay was to try and come up with a water-tight policy that would plug all weaknesses, especially dealing with the ever-escalating inflation and exchange rate.


“We are expecting monetary policy anytime soon. Currently, we are finalising measures to roll out what the President said in terms of the Structures Currency. This is so that we can have guaranteed price stability and stability of the exchange rate.


“So the delay in announcing the MPS is that we are working on a structured currency that is well supported,” he said.

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