#ZimStartUp: Cloudbaby App Launched


Cloud Health Care, with support from the City Health partners on Wednesday unveiled its pilot interface project, CloudBaby at Edith Opperman clinic in Mbare. The project deals with most of the challenges that clinics and mothers are facing. It also officiated a Wi-Fi hotspot which was donated by Telco for the cause.

According to UNICEF, 1 in every 3 children suffers from malnutrition and 35percent of the cases lead to chronic malnutrition and stunting.

“What we have observed is that most mothers are losing or not having their cards updated after child birth which makes it difficult for the mothers to track their baby’s growth and development even at pregnancy level. High attendances are also a common feature in council clinics attending to mothers who on a busy day can be 300 with each mother needing at least 10 minutes with a nurse for qualitative growth and development analysis”, said CloudBaby Founder George Hove.

Cloud Baby was developed in 2014 with the support of Dr Stamps, a former health minister who is currently the Health Advisor to President and Cabinet and the Ministry of Health and Child Care department of Nutrition.

The platform that was described as the future of healthcare by the Indian Ambassador to Zimbabwe Honourable Rui Masakui is there to empower women especially mothers on issues of child nutrition, post and pre-natal care, education and finance.

Mbare mothers holding their babies at Cloudbaby launch

The pilot interface was attended by delegates from the City Health Department and mothers in Mbare as well as neighbouring communities.

Cloud Health Care targets to reach as many mothers as possible people through the CloudBaby project across Zimbabwe and it will see pilot interfaces around Zimbabwe and in other remote areas as well.

City Health Principal Health Promoter, Mr Israel Makwara lauded Cloud Health Care for its commitment to improving mother and child healthcare in Zimbabwe. He called on members of the public to take up the initiative by downloading the application on their phones from Google Play Store or accessing it on the web based platform which will help in supporting the already existing paper cards that are in use. Members of the public can also be helped to download the app by ready to assist staff at selected clinics.

Cloudbaby Logo

“We believe the collaboration of technology focused businesses, government and NGOs will lead to the highest development of sustainable solutions to issues affecting our communities.

“As Cloud Health Care we will continue to invest our efforts in solutions that have a social purpose, such as CloudBaby, a project that aims to make information accessible in a convenient manner and mirror Cloud Health Care’s vigour mission of promoting a healthy techno savvy community.

“Our mobile app and web based platform will also help mothers in booking for clinic dates whilst in the comfort of their homes which we are expecting to be welcomed by both the clinic staff and mothers as well and we hope we will have the support from network providers and all key stakeholders in order to make this initiative a success”, said Miss Junior Bakasa who is CloudBaby’s creative director and co – founder.

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