Zimbabwean Launching “e-dollar” An online, Mobile and Swipe Solution 


A Zimbabwean technology based expert Mr Tawanda Jonathan Mushawedu who has been with  Microsoft (Dubai), Econet Wireless Group-Solarway and  Netone Cellular executive has bounced back with a unified payment solution as African Mobile Solutions takes centre stage 

Dubbed the “e-dollar”, a concept that combines several payments and revenue collection solutions, the new technology is here and rearing to go according to Mushawedu.

Mushawedu the current CEO of InTRA-Co Africa the organization behind this innovative and exhaustive fintech says the solution will revolutionize the sector. 

This is an unbelievably fantastic solution that is here to enhance and augment what financial technology solutions are meant to achieve which is a seamless and cashless transaction.

said Mushawedu.

Tawanda Mushawedu said anyone who uses government services, retail services etc. will benefit from e-dollar.

To own e-dollar smart card it’s myriad of services and one is not limited or obliged to first have a bank account but even if you don’t have one you can still use e-dollar.

He heads two other social enterprise start ups in Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast and Malawi.

Intergration is underway with the relevant government departments, mobile money service providers, retailers, banking institutions etc.

e-dollar is the mother of all financial technologies in the country as it connects all platforms and methods of money transcating from one device, one smart card, any ATM, secured internet banking and even kiosk services.


added Mushawedu.

Making use of all major payment gateways such as Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and Zimswitch, e-dollar offers the next generation of revenue collection at customer’s convenience.

While the current regime of financial technologies including Ecocash, Telecash etc. offers a fantastic customer experience they work in silos, e-dollar occupies that space and satisfies the need for one platform to cashless money transacting.

this has been the “loudest” customer cry over the past 12 months as the government and businesses push for a more cashless society.

e-dollar buttresses H.E. President ED Mnagangwa’s drive for performance and a culture of financial accountability. It’s a 360 solution and the answer to the RBZ Governor’s cry for holistic and highly secure cashless online stop shop solution.

Exciting days are ahead of us at InTRA-Co Africa, and a hassle free user interface is guaranteed to e-dollar’s target market.

Stay tuned for more juicier information about this fantastic solution, which is expected to hit the market within the next couple of weeks.

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