Zim To Host International Biotech Event


Zimbabwe will on Wednesday host the second Non Aligned Movement Biotechnology workshop where over 40 experts from NAM discuss various issues to do with industrial biotechnology.

The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) is an international organization (group of countries) who do not want to be officially aligned (friends) with or against any major power bloc (group of countries). In 2017, the movement had 122 members and 17 observer countries. The group was started in Belgrade in 1961.

The workshop runs under the theme “Driving Value addition and beneficiation.”

According to the National Biotechnology Authority, the workshop will help attendants understand how value addition and beneficiation in industry mqy be achieved through technology transfer and application of biotechnologies.

The workshop will also provide insight, education and awareness on technologies that may be exploited by producers for processing raw materials into biobased products of economic value.

It also seeks to promote beneficial collaboration among scientists, technologists and scientific organizations from Non-aligned and other developing countries.

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