ZACC Exonerates Mandiwanzira, Kangai Now Under Investigation


The Zimbabwe Anti -Corruption Commision has exonerated  ICT and Cyber Security minister from any wrongdoing, in response to the inquiry by Prosecutor General Goba to expedite and finalize the case which Reward Kangai had raised.

The ZACC commissioner General said that Kangai ‘s case had no evidence of any $4 million transferred to Megawatt hence there was no trail or evidence of such crime committed. However, he said that NetOne has reported Kangai, who now is under investigation for abuse of office power and corruption. 

Speaking to the Standard Newspaper the commissioner noted. 

We investigated the $4 million that Kangai alleged the minister had paid to Megawatt and we found out that there was no $4 million paid to anybody at Megawatt. We had a court order, raided NetOne offices and looked at their bank statements, went to check at the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and other banks. We established that no money was ever paid by NetOne that amounted to $4 million, so we disregarded that story.

But NetOne complained against Reward Kangai in substantive cases of fraud and corruption in the awarding of tenders for base stations by a company called Bopela and we are on it. Very soon we will get to some action regarding that. So we are not covering up for any minister.


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