NetOne Property Attached Over $700 000 Rental Arears


NetOne has suffered a major  blow as their high  value corporate shop in Borrowdale was  served  with a  notice  of attachment  and execution, which seized  all removable properties  from their affluent offices over  failure  to pay office rentals

The sheriff on  Friday, in  case number comA//238/2020   went away with a truckload of NetOne office furniture and  computers amongst others which forced NetOne employees out  of shop and business, an emotionally  embarrassing moment  for  both  the employees  on ground and the big  brand at large.

The  plaintiff in the matter is Mutual  Finance who  is owed  $684281  for  rental fees  and now with costs  the bill has ballooned  to $775182, a  fee  which  NetOne must have covered without  incurring this extra  costs in the  first case. 

NetOne Shop Cleaned Up

The attached  furniture  included  green sofa, marked  dirty  and shacking,  5  swivel chairs and 5  office  chairs also  tagged torn and  shaking,  2 black  sofas, LG Tv and  5  piece computer set. 

The case  of  property  attachment is usually a long process of papers  exchanging  hands, with  warning letters,  answering  affidavits and court appearance   before the magistrate  makes a decision  to allow the courts, which     it  seemed the court summons initially sent were either , ignored taken for granted or worse case NetOne could not settle  the debt.

NetOne Desktops Computers attached

The  news is now awash social media as disgruntled employees  take it to the social media questioning how their company could fail to pay for office rentals of their affluent shop, yet   a classical  case of mismanagement, as millions have been wasted in useless battles against suspended CEO Lazarus Muchenje and his executive,  while former CEO   Reward Kangai is also reported to be still benefiting  from NetOne House  years after severing ties.

Netone is in  a mess that the new board  will   need to prove their  prowess  and turn  around the animal,  otherwise it continues  to   sink into oblivion.

This mobile network   used to be  Zimbabwe’s  most  promising  network,  with  subscribers openly ditching competition for their services but  now many subscribers have just  given up as the mobile  network has failed in basic service  like airtime provision,  debit card issuance and poor  network mantainance. 

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