Makamure Appointed VC For The Institute Of Directors

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The first Regional CEO of  Liquid Intelligent Technologies Southern Africa, Mr  Wellington Makamure was appointed the Vice Chairman of Council Leaders for the Institute of Directors.

Posting on X Liquid said, ” Liquid Intelligent Technologies Zimbabwe is thrilled to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Wellington Makamure on his recent appointment as the Vice Chairman of Council Leaders for the Institute of Directors! ”

Makamure joined Liquid lntelligent Technologies in February 2009 and he is directly responsible for the leadership , strategic and management of Liquid lntelligent Technologies Zimbabwe.

He has been involved in the planning, set up and build of the Liquid network business in Zimbabwe and he has also served Boards and currently sits on the board of directors of CEC Liquid Zambia, Liquid Botswana and ZOL Zimbabwe.

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