Civil Servants can now convert USD allowance via WhatsApp


ZB Bank has announced that civil servants can now convert their USD allowance to the local currency using social media platform WhatsApp.

The new development will enable recipients of the allowances to make a conversion in the comfort of their homes.

ZB made the announcement via sms to its customers, “Attention all Civil Servants! Now you can switch your Nostro to RTGS via ZB WhatsApp Banking. Type ‘Hi’ via WhatsApp to +263731440440 to start Switching Today!”.

Banks have been subjected to make changes to allow for easy access of the USD allowance since government announcement in June that civil servants will receive a USD75 COVID19 allowance.

While some banks were taking advantage of the situation by forcing civil servants to liquidate their funds and get RTGS, government directed banks to imply measures that make access to the USD allowance convenient.

ZB conversion of USD allowances via WhatsApp comes a few months after FBC introduced the same service.

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Civil Servants can now convert USD allowance via WhatsApp

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