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Zupco takes on board HIT to digitize for fuel stocks and pre-ticketing


Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (Zupco) has gone digital in collaboration with the Harare Institute of Technology (HIT).The company which is being sued in the courts over monopoly, has begun running trials on urban commuter rail services to relieve presuure on transportation.

Revealing this via twitter, Deputy Chief Secretary Presidential Communications George Charamba tweeted through his twitter handle @jamwanda2 minutes ago that,

”Zupco has digitised for fuel stocks control and pre-ticketing. Zupco has worked closely with Harare Institute of Technology to go digital. Zupco is running trials on urban commuter rail services to relieve pressure. At commencement of Second Republic, urban transport system had.”

The vehicle tracking system by the Zimbabwe United Passenger Company, will monitor the location and fuel usage of buses hence this initiative would assist in improving service delivery.

The Zupco franchise to commuter omnibus operators will cushion passengers from rowdy touts who harassed passengers, and in some cases, stole from them. The touts are unpopular among passengers for indiscriminately raising commuter fares.

However the Harare Institute of Technology (HIT) is coming through to assist is welcome as the vehicle tracking system is an important measure which should promote good management of resources.

The system would also help in improving issues to do with punctuality and deal with dereliction of duty on the part of drivers.Such technology assists in showing the people at the control centre the location of the bus.

Some Zupco drivers and conductors face theft accusations of unrevealed funds through ticket scams thus, the tracking system will assist in monitoring the buses.

The system will also assist in making it easier to track the fuel usage allocated to the buses’ current location and monitoring the drivers who sleep on duty and those drivers who divert from the routes they are supposed to service.

Critics however accuse Zupco of mistreating passengers who pay using cash unequally as first preference is given to the elderly and the holders of prepaid Transit Access Pass card (tap-cards).Posting on social media site Facebook, the Harare Residents Trust (HRT) also recently denounced the fining of stranded commuters saying the blame lied with the government which continues to stick with the ZUPCO monopoly despite glaring signs of ineffectiveness.

Even with Zupco ropping in HIT to go digital, Zupcos monopoly is being challenged in the courts.


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