ZTE, Ministry of ICTPS Holds ICT Workshop


The Zimbabwe government throught the ministry of ICT Postal and Courier Services inconjuction with a Chinese based Technology company ZTE yesterday held a consultative ICT workshop attended by various stakeholders from the public  sector.

Officially launching the workshop on behalf of the Vice president Joice  Mujuru was the government`s Senior minister Honourable Simon Khaya Moyo.

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

The senior minister urged Zimbabwe technological players to forge ways to solve our bespoke problems using technological solutions and also impact our economy as stipulated in the government`s ZimAsset for naitonal growth.

ZTE corporation is a globally leading provider of telecommunications equipment  and network solutions, with operations in 160 countries , the company is a leader in technology innovation., delivering superior products and business solutions to clients all over the world.

Founded in 1985, ZTE is listed on both the Honk Kong and the Shenzhen stock exchange  and is China`s largest listed telecoms equipment company. In 2012, ZTE corporation  had revenues totaling $13,70 billion.

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ZTE`s systems and equipment have been applied  by top operators  in high end  markets around the world. The company is strong in the smart terminal are and has become the world`s fourth largest  handset maker.

ZTE has had a Zimbabwean market presence for the past 10 years, though to most people, it has appealed much more to the consumer market with their mobile phones and , landlines and other tech gadgets coming quickly to most people minds.DSC_6787

They however have much more active from an entreprise market backhauling infrasture for most technological players and offering cloud based solutions to the Zimbabwean market.

The Chief Executive officer of ZTE, Mr Duan Yong spoke on various technological solutions they can offer to the Zimbabwean market amongst them the smart city concept, i-transportation system and smart tourism solutions which can equip the government to easily digitalise.

Other concepts discussed were the U-government systems .This solution is a comprehensive  and integrated  application platform which provides rich cloud  services that make government processes  more efficient, more integrated and  more transparent.


These can be implemented in fields of Health , education , safety , public administration and many more. The U-government  Operations  and Adminstration (OA) cloud solution  offers  professional  email system, internal portal system, HR finance , asset management  system and information security.

The Government Data Centre  (GDC) from ZTE offers cloud desktop  solutions which realizes  great savings on expenditure for IT devices , ICT maintenance  and management. This in turn lowers the threshold for personal education thereby minimizing the professional IT human resources and facilitate easy IT operations such as system upgrades while guaranteeing information security.

ZTE becomes another second Chinese company to heavily penetrate the Zimbabwe market with both  enterprise and consumer market solutions.

More in pictures and Videos coming soon from the event.





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