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ZRP Wants To Fly to Northern Ireland Over Hwende’s Twitter.


The minister of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Honorable Kazembe Kazembe must simply stamp his foot down and stop the current Mickey Mouse business over the Hwende’s Twitter.

Kazembe Kazembe is not only the past minister of ICT, but he is also an ICT expert by profession and training, and he runs technological businesses, it would be laughable to have the home affairs ministry allowing some holiday seeking police officers a trip to Twitter to investigate the ownership of an account.

Just when we thought we had enough for #MondayBlues, today’s state presentation to the magistrate court will make Zimbabwe a laughing stock and both the minister and the magistrate must reign in this madness.

Surely if anyone can create a parody twitter account, what more evidence does one need to link ownership, even if anyone would create a fake account, Why would one do so with genuine details and are we living under a rock not to know the how twitter values personal information.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police Officers currently dealing with the Hwende issue have suggested that they want funding to go to Northern Ireland! Yes, Northern Ireland to investigate the ownership of a US-based Twitter account.

For starters, twitter Headquarters is in San Francisco, the Silicon Valley and the budding tech city for all the greatest tech companies in the world, but yes our officers somehow have better answers from Northern Ireland.

I’m not sure why they chose their holiday resort in the Netherlands this time, remember this is the same force that once got funded to travel all the way to Facebook to have more holidays when they tried to investigate Baba Jukwa.

News had it that the boys had a nice time in America, thanks to taxpayers’ money, they had a government duty to undertake and someone actually authorized such an expenditure.

Well, I don’t really care whether the Twitter HQ is in San Francisco or Wuhan, please send them there (pun intended), but the point that does not matter, Twitter and all social media platforms have clear terms of services and references.

Zimbabwe cops will never get any private information about users, even the American top cops will never get a subpoena to extract such information.

According to yesterday ‘s court outcome, the magistrate ruled that they will only Wait for the ministry of foreign affairs to allocate the home affairs ministry money or resources for the investigators to conclude the case.

The court gave them up to 18th March 2020 to go to Ireland and come back with any evidence.

Speaking to Hwende over the incident, the Kuwadzana MP said that “The process may sound comical but it has greatly cost him financially and emotionally as he has been denied access to travel to see his family in the past 7 months and also missed serious business opportunities .”

Furthermore, Hwende added ”My personal account Hwende C was opened in 2010 and has 75 000 followers but the parody account that just says Hwende that is being accused of treason has 1800 followers and was opened in 2017. The fake account also surprisingly tweeted whilst I was in jail.”

Hwende is currently not allowed to post anything political on his personal Twitter account. He lamented ” Bail money was $3000 USD, and to date, all legal bills have ballooned over ZWL$100 000.”

The Opposition Party’s Secretary-General also added that ”If only the state could speed up trial while the investigating officers but it seems the officers are not ready for the trial yet he is being charged of serious treason charges which can have him locked up in jail for more than 20 years.

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