ZRP kept Harare Agricultural Show under Security Cameras

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

This year`s Agricultural Show has closed with averagely low criminal cases and no news of serious missing kids or kidnapping reported yet, unlike the previous ones.

Thumbs up to the national police, for such an initiative, it shows they really thought twice about security and for the small step they took, they have to be commended.

This time around they were using a standard CCTV security system to maintain visual on the scene with some cameras sprouted all over busy centres.

IP cameras could have added much more security instead of only having one control room overwhelmed by requests and inquiries where even remote login across security base stations could have assisted.

Of course there was heavy presence of local security firms with “vicious” dogs to add up on tight security too.

The Harare Agricultural Show is Zimbabwe`s biggest family outing where all age groups are specifically catered for via various business and entertainment stands roping an estimated 570 000 crowd this year.

Under such an environment, it was rather ironic that the security of the vulnerable children or revellers was only left under the responsibility of the parents/guardian , where criminology is usually heightened.

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