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ZOL Zimbabwe Launches 60 More New  LTE Stations for High Density Areas, For Just $100 RTGS

ZOL Zimbabwe, an Internet  Service Provider  under Liquid Intelligent has  gone on  an aggressive mass  market take  over drive, introducing more site for  low cost internet accessible to  anyone with a  mobile device that accepts  4g network.
In  a latest press release update ZOL Zimbabwe  said that  they have  unveiled 60  more BTS  to cover high  density   residential areas and for only $100 RTGS, one can explore the  service  without  limits.
The service will be covered  by their data sim card Wibroniks, an LTE enabled  sim card that connects directly to their various base stations dotted  around the nation.
Our LTE service is now live in more locations near you! Explore without limits. Turn It Up with ZOL for just $100 RTGS.
Click the following link to sign up
#LineRekumaraini #ZOLWibroniks #YouDeserveToLiveLikeThis
The  covered neighborhoods are:
Zengeza 4 Chitungwiza
Seke Unit F Chitungwiza
Glen View Main Harare – Glen View
Kentucky Harare – Hatfield
New Marimba Park Harare – Kambuzuma
Glenorah Chembira Harare – Glenorah
Warren Park D Harare – Warren Park D
Kuwadzana Roundabout Harare – Kuwadzana
Hogerty Hill Harare – Hogerty Hill
Budirio 5 Cabs Harare – Budiriro
Nkwisi Park Harare – Byo Road
The  pilot project  had initially seen a slow uptake as  many Zimbabweans were limited to certain areas only with little coverage while  other customers initially complained  that the sim was locked  to certain areas.
However  the next potential game changer will get  hundreds  of  thousands migrating  to the  the  LTE service  as they  bundle it with the  critical components  mainly  network availability,  Speed and price, the top issues  that  have driven  service uptake  in Zimbabwe.
The service is not the first in Zimbabwe , we have other  none mobile network  operators who are encroaching this GSM gold mine with old players like Africom and Powertel pioneering mobile data  connectivity on the go, but were  greatly limited with technology issues as they drove their connectivity via WCDMA technology, a technology  that is dying slowly and  loosing frequency  allocation.
Latest  LTE Player  has  been Dandemutande  as well who  recently launched  the same service,  but based  on  fixed wireless service terminals  supported  by Facebook wifi. The  hotspots  are however limited  in  terms of location and access, they  also do have an LTE  product they  are rolling out as well for the mass market
The LTE  by  Liquid  intelligent  is however  going  to  be  a  game change  in terms of distribution and access, with their own SIM cards ready to connect the mobile user on the go, this move speaks volumes  to those who  need affordable internet at  home




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