ZOL subscribers Complain of Intermittent Connectivity.

[headlines headline=”h3″ ]Zimbabwe Online, ZOL has got inside 7 days of unreliable internet connectivity mainly for the mobile subscribers on their Wimax platform caused by a technical glitch. [/headlines]


We received many complaints mostly from subscribers, who were worried that the internet has some serious connectivity issues with low speeds while in some worst cases there was low to no signal at all.

By Wilson Mtetwa

“In my area, I no longer receive a single bar of connectivity at all, im now worried as this has been so for days” wrote another subscriber.

“Its now taking me ages to log on to Facebook and check my emails on ZOL platform what’s going on?” posted another concerned customer


For most subscribers, the internet has just gone so slow with difficulties in connecting to basic html websites.

We did some speed tests from an indoor unit and the speed was unusually slow, coupled with some general ping failures.

A call to the support personnel confirmed that there is an issue with the network system but they could not give any more information refereeing all the questions to the customer service.


A ZOL official  confirmed that there has been intermittent connectivity caused by bandwidth application software which is continuously kicking in , causing traffic to be throttled to subscribers, “concerted efforts to bring back normal service are currently underway.”

Subscribers on the ZOL Wimax platform, who mainly receive their signal from nearby Econet base stations who use indoor units and ZOL mobile dongles units are the most affected ones. Those who are on fibre did not report any connectivity issues yet.

ZOL runs on the liquid telecom fibre backbone, a connectivity which is usually always fast with high speed up-links and down-links offering video streaming capabilities at no buffering speeds under normal circumstances, while recently, for almost a week it has succumbed to snail pace speed.


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