ZOL Shuts Down Unlimited WiFi Promo

After a lengthy extension of free unlimited Wifi, Zimbabwean internet service provider ZOL has finally pulled the plug off the promotion.With the company shutting down the popular promotion yesterday, it seems freebies who used to mill at ZOLspots for many hours might have to minimise their time spent on the internet once more. 

The Promotion which was a Christmas gift to all freebies from ZOL started running on December 15, 2016 and was supposed to end on January 15 this year.

Surprisingly, the promotion crossed over beyond January 15 only to be stopped on Monday. 

A Highfield boy who frequents the ZOLSpots, Trust Murindi noted that he enjoyed the joyride by ZOL although it saddens him to see the promotion stopped.

ZOLSpot WiFi Login Page

“The Unlimited Wifi Promotion has been very helpful to me despite the hurting feeling to see it halted. Nonetheless, ZOL has come through for us by adding 30 more minutes,” he said.

ZOLSpots are available in airports, hotels, restaurants and other locations around Zimbabwe.

Locate a ZOLSpot by going to their website or by downloading their app.

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