ZOL Restaurant Week Goes Live, Offers Free Wifi

The highly anticipated ZOL restaurant week where they have managed to connect 16 of the top restaurants to high speed Wi-Fi  internet hotspots (ZolSpots) is currently underway  in Zimbabwe

The 10 day  restaurant week officially opened doors on the 28TH of May 2014 and will shut down on the 7TH of June 2014 across the restaurants.

By Tongai Mwenje & Toneo Rutsito

In a bid to keep winers and diners seamlessly hooked to the internet, ZOL , one of Zimbabwe`s Internet Service Providers has selected a whole week where they will offer free internet access across the top restaurants in various towns as they seek to unveil a new experience for families or individuals at various eat outs.

For a set menu  packaged from a minimum of $15 and at most $25 depending on the courses of the meal with either 2 course or 3 course selection, one automatically qualifies for the Zol restaurant experience across the selected top sixteen  restaurants.

To add connectivity to the diner`s  table,  all  the menus are currently available on their  www.zrw.co.zw  website and diners can actually book online prior to the event.

The Zol Restaurant Week is an annual event which was pioneered by ZOL five years ago in a bid to expose friends and colleagues to a large variety of dishes. There will be 16 restaurants participating in the event, each exhibiting different kinds of dishes that are found all over the world.

The set menus will be available for at least It’s a platform for diners to try something new, with a variety of restaurant choices and even those you are used to will be participating.Not only will you be treating yourself and your friends, but your participation will stimulate the economy and reward local independent restaurant owners and their teams.

The current list of participating restaurants is as follows: Alo Alo, Amanzi, Centurion, Dehli Palace, Da Eros, Emmanuels, Harvest Garden, Fishmonger, Imba Matombo, La Fontaine, Komba Hari, Maestro, O’Hagans  Mojo’s and The Bridge Bistro.

For ZOL , ideally  this is a very smart way for them to gather information about internet usage and trends while they also collect customer informtio for potential clients especially after the ZOL experience.

The strategy may be rewarding considering that they are targeting a certain marketing cliché, this would be a smart way to allow the customers to first test their service  before  convincing them to join their network.

Besides the business sense it makes, ZOL will have to be commended for their ZOL Spots initiative, a move which has enabled seamless connectivity  across the various spots in town enabling Zimbabwean  to connect on high speed access points on the go.

ZOL in the previous years had also introduced free 15minutes hotspot access around townsand neighbourhoods a move which grew very popular  amongst Zimbabweans before they abruptly terminated the spots  under unclear circumstances.

The advent of broadband  into Zimbabwe has  greatly changed communication  and lifestyles  for many pitting Zimbabwe at the top list of as the fastest growing ICT country according to International Telecommunication Union ITU with a current broadband penetration above 35%.

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